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Jack howard and carrie fletcher dating site

Typescript of a letter to the editor of the Burlington Free Press. Biographical data of 83 men who took Fort Ticonderoga by Bascom, Secretary of New York Historical Association, Fort Edward, NY. Assorted papers relating to the planning and construction of Edmunds High School in Burlington; primarily correspondence between George P. Peck in 1897-1898, relative to the city's acquiring Edmund's property in Burlington for the proposed new school. Henry Seton Merriman] novel, The Velvet Glove, and wether public libraries ought to ban it for anti- Catholicism; includes initial complaint by the Reverend W. Lonergan, Rutland; reports from other libraries about lack of complaints about the book. Johnnie Whitney the sum of three hundred and twenty-two pounds U. Chittenden of the twentieth of April 1818 together with interest and costs for John Yule & Co., Quebec. List of lands sold by Chittenden in Bolton, Vt., with their provenances, sales by Chittenden made on Feb.

(Wells, Richardson & Co.) concerning the sales of Klinck medicine in Burlington, through the Burlington Drug Co.; includes many dunning demands for payment of money due to Klinck. Papers include Middlebury Post Office records, letters, writs of attachment, bills of sale, and appointment of Asa Chapman as deputy postmaster at Middlebury. Correspondence to and from Cheney, librarian at Rutland Free Library; concerning Hugh Stowell Scott's [pseud. Discusses the national militia laws and the proposed changes in them; lengthy, detailed account of the militia system, different customs for militia in different parts of the country, etc. note by Tichenor, indicating disagreement with Chittenden's analysis, Tichenor says war quite likely. Follett of Burlington, Vermont iron the ground and hundreds of hands working --- bound to have cars running in six." A.

Four documents relating to his trial and eventual acquittal on charges of being a Tory during the American Revolution; copy of New York Supreme Court acquittal of Apthorp, October 30, 1783; statement by Richard Morris, New York Supreme Court Justice, asserting Apthorp's innocence, May 18, 1784; statement by George Clinton, New York Governor, in Apthorp's favor, October 31, 1792; ALS by John Jay, in Apthorp's favor, January 1, 1793. Volume 6, Number 6 of a handwritten student newspaper, to be read aloud by Villa Abell and Ellen Houghton; includes an introduction by the readers, a poem on the Civil War, and an essay, "The Schollars [sic] Hope". 1, and several Vermont Masonic bodies and councils; one ALS, from the City Clerk of Burlington, transmitting the city's resolutions to Ballou's widow. Contract for Bell, of Halifax, Vermont to deliver on "Clapp's Patent Crank Fire Engine" to the Watertown Fire Company; describes the engine in detail, including accessory equipment, engine to cost 0. Letter from Camp Griffin, Virginia, to Bixby's brothers, concerning his life in camp, "the men are getting hard drills now all the afternoon and two hours in the morning." The sixth regiment has lost more men than his regiment has, "the measles was the trouble with the men the most or the biggest part." Encloses an invoice [not preset] for 59 cattle, sent via Mr. Petition to support the Liberty Party ticket for national and local offices because of its antislavery position. Conant, Cyrus Davis, Jacob Estey, John Fowles, Charles C. 17 and March 2, 1789; tells from whom lands were obtained and to whom they were sold.

The letters concerns the room and board being paid by the Vermont State Commission for the Deaf and Dumb for Boardman's daughter Esther. Six resolutions of mourning upon the death of Ballou; passed by the City of Burlington, the Freemasons of Burlington, Burlington Hook & Ladder Company No. Discusses possibility of getting his brother appointed Consul to the Canadas, and northern Vermont mail-routes, November 30, 1860; discusses political patronage and dispensation of offices in Vermont, February 4, 1861; discusses national politics and the Civil War, with strong criticism of Mc Clellan and the Democrats, October 17, 1864. 1851; deeds dated 1860, 1866, 1869; indenture, 1827; writ of attachment, 1840. Bissell and wife Sophia, Salmon Bissell, and Lucinda Willson, indentured apprentice. Autobiographical recollections written for his children, by the second Episcopal Bishop of Vermont; considerable detail about Bissell's early life, family, Randolph, VT, University of Vermont. 19 and March 24, 1789; similar list for New Huntington, Vt., sales by Chittenden on Feb. Fenton, Paul Howe, editor of Bennington Evening Banner, Dorothoy Canfield Fisher, and Centrak Vermont R.

Author enlisted August 23, 1862; Company C; acting Sergeant-Major until appointed Jan, 23, 1863; mustered out July 14, 1863. Tells Cist he can probably obtain the autograph of Middlebury College president Calvin B. 1 in Highgate, Vt., Jesse Carpenter and Orange Seward witnesses to original agreement between S.

Concerning her anxiety for her son; they are making a "little starch'; the price of produce is very high: butter at fifty cents a pound, pork a hundred. Proposal to make starch from wheat or flowers, freight ratio per bushel of wheat, Chicago to Buffalo. Griswold opened and operated a Strach Factory in Cambridge, Vt) 19 letters (40 pp) from Virginia camp of the Twelfth Vermont Regiment, Nov. Hagar, [Burlington], oldest sister; also list of data on regimental field and staff officers. "Enclosed I send you a recommendation from my Superior officers, also my discharge from General Lane's co. I desire to reenter the Service as a Staff officer..." Mostly short notes declining invitations, or on everyday matters to other clergymen; one brief note, Sept. Arthur Llewellyn Williams, coadjutor bishop elect of the diocese of Nebraska.

He recorded the names of books he read while waiting to rejoin his regiment. Talk delivered before The Faculty Club of the University of Vermont, February 3, 1950; tells of life in Burlington in the 19th centruy, contcentrating on 1850-1900; details of houses, prominent citizens, businesses and industries, sports, institutions, etc. General order for a military court of inquiry into charges against Gideon Bownson, commander of 2nd Reg. militia; lists court members, orders them to examine charges against Brownson by Christopher Roberts and Thaddeus Munson; signed by Chittenden, and by Joseph Fay, Adj. Cleveland, Stephen, Susan, Daniel: Bethel, VT - Family letters from Joshua Huntington; probate court records; military promotion record; court records of stock held in Bethel Manufacturing Co. Cooper 2nd's singing book: music sounds symphonious to every ear/ while the whole choir sound their notes so clear, [Huntington, Vt., 1810? Walter (Margare) Hard, Authur Packard of Vermont Federated Church Bureau, Sen.

Sergeant Aldrich, returning to the front from parole after being exchanged early in 1864, briefly described conditions on Bedloe's Island in New York Harbor and the voyage to Washington. Beck's study of the Constitution, July 29, 1925; to F. The account allowed by the commissioners of the estate Daniel Littlefield and B. 1, April 29, 1890; with holograph draft of supplement to the same published article, "The Rocks of Fort Cassin & Vicinity," by Robert P. C.; published in Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, v. Acknowledges receipt of Williams' letter, has talked with [Ira] Allen to try to set up a time when the three of them can get together to talk about material for Williams' in-progress History of Vermont; it is necessary that they meet before the History is completed; he might summon the Council to convene at Rutland, Williams' home city. Account of Clark's service in American forces during Revolution; starts in Northhampton, Ma. 1776; March 1776 joined expedition to Canada, besieged Quebec; returned to Ticonderoga in July 1776 and mustered out in very bad health in October; poor health contiuned to September 1777; with typescript and photostat of journal. Clary (from Georgia, VT) describes his first days as a private in the 9th Vermont Regiment; unsure of where regiment will go; wants to be sure family gets his enlistment bounites.

(copy) Edited by Glen Skillin and published in Vermont History, January 1962. Memo of Rentals received from Austin Smith, Robert Smith, monies from L. of Vermont probably can be had from the University librarian. Hulbert by writing Hulbert; says autographs of past presidents of Univ. 5; Philip Rubin TLS to Hall, 1953, June 16, and Robert H. Thanks Smith for his pamphlet on Vergennes history, praises it; sends along a copy of her Notes by Path Of the Gazetter, asks Smith to subscribe for future numbers; tells of having much more Vermont historical material to print. Briggs; some family news, supports Native American Party, "get rid of these foreighners [sic]". Includes maps of Vermont marking location of baptist and congregational churches in 1780's; Sarah A. Includes undated document regarding the controversy between the provinces of New Hampshire and Massachusetts about their Boundaries heard at Hampton, New Hampshire in 1737, before commissioners appointed by the Crown from out her provinces, and appealed to the King in Councel. by Hiland Hall with Map of the disputed territories.

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