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The job is perfect for him as it has less “tach” and more “quack”.Old Quack Donald – a.k.a – ‘Very Old’ Quack Donald. I’ve been known not to be your average tour guide, but a great common-tater.

You may have missed the original Boston Tea Party but I assure you, mine is much more fun!

If you like to meander, you’re really in luck- Join Run A Muck on our colorful duck!

Hailey got lost while driving her Zamboni through the Big Dig, but Boston’s a great hockey town so she decided to stick around! She came to Boston Duck Tours after tough loss at the international Scrabble tournament.

Duck Holliday is the great, great grandson of the famous card shark and O. Oh, and also as a tour guide in the beautiful city of Boston.

Sharing Doc’s belief that gambling is a losing and dishonorable game, our own Duck Holliday has learned to make an honest living through the noble game of poker.

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As payment, until it’s fixed she’s giving history tours! From the first Royal Governor of Massachusetts Bay to our current politicians of modern day, Worcester T.