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Creativos online dating

Her portals also allow her team to bypass these positions entirely, avoiding defenses and terrain.

Utility and defense items improve her role as a healer, while crystal items provide a devastating but fragile mage path.

Lance can build crystal or utility items to excel in his role as a protector, or he can build weapon items to deal more damage during battle.

Alpha hunts and terminates her targets with ruthless precision.

This season, come together for the Halcyon Fold’s Winter Slay Ride, a community event where you have the chance to earn progressively better rewards for doing what you do best: killing your enemies!

Every enemy killed in any Pv P mode contributes to the event’s milestones and when pre-established goals are achieved, EVERYONE gets rewarded...

Kestrel’s crystal path affords longer stealth times, which sets up aggressive tactical plays.

Lance depends on both his courage and his wits to protect his allies.

With his unique polearm-and-shield combat style, he breaks enemy lines and creates opportunities for his friends.

Utilizing his stealth, Flicker can plunge deep into enemy lines causing mayhem or grant his team stealth to initiate on unsuspecting prey.

Gwen moves swiftly across the map, picking off enemies from a distance.

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His weapon path enables aggressive in-your-face tactics.

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