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Beracamy online dating

You know you love me XOXOThis story takes off at the end of Riverdale S1E13 after Betty and Jughead are uninterrupted by the Serpents. (Picks up right were 1x13 leaves off.)A short oneshot I wrote on tumblr inspired by Thomas Rhett's Playing With Fire (the version with Danielle, not Jordin - yes it matters) Jughead can't avoid the gnawing in his stomach that is Betty Cooper. When the NJBC loses one of their own, Chuck falls deeply off the wagon for the second time in nearly 2 years.

Even though they were broken up, he couldn't help but keep going back for more, even if it burned him. We all begin in the same places, more or less, don't we? After spending 3 months in rehab, he's back and fighting for his marriage, his family, his company, and his sobriety despite major unexpected turns he never saw coming. Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper seems like an unlikely pair- that's what Jughead thought too.

Jughead Jones and Archibald Andrews both care for Elizabeth Cooper.

Late 1800s Riverdale ain't big enough for the both of them.

Everything seemed alright with the world until a piece of unexpected news proved to be the biggest test in their relationship.

Would they be able to weather the storm or would they drown in the pulling currents? When Betty received a threat, Jughead was sure that he was the cause of it.

Summer has rolled around and Jughead's hanging out at Archie's place, finessing the final draft of the story he wrote around Jason Blossom's murder.

Part of The Perfect Engima series, but posted here so I didn't have to up the rating :)Slightly AU. Its Riverdale meets La La Land meets Step Up Very AU. The only leading suspect is one of his oldest and dearest friends, Jughead Jones.Rated M for a thorough going-over - though not of the manuscript. What if Jughead had been meeting Fred Andrews in Pops that morning, what if he stepped on front of the bullet.In an alternate universe where Hal Cooper and FP Jones came to an agreement- to marry off Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones as part of a drug payment. AU/Historical C/B & N/S Fic set in 20th Century New York City - Word is out: Looks like Manhattan's Prince Charming, aka Nathaniel Archibald, is already looking for a wife... The fallout, searching for the shooter, Riverdale drama and of course some Juggy and Betty!C/BPart two of my first fanfic, but can be read alone.Betty finds that her darkness is taking over as Juggie deals with the repercussions of joining the Serpents. Betty Cooper, the rose among the thorns moved to Riverdale when she took up the mechanic job offered to her.

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Blair left Chuck 4 years ago, unable to come to terms with their past.

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